In The Artfully Lived Life, we are working from Aristotle’s belief that “The whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts.” Most of us have heard of the “mind-body” theories about being healthy. However, even mind-body approaches leave out important concepts related to our well-being as individuals.

Although these problems may arise from a diverse variety of sources, our experience with clients has shown that developing and practicing skills in five areas of our psychological lives (thinking, emotional, social, physical, and wisdom) will significantly improve overall well-being.

The Tools for the Artist Within

The essential tools for the Artfully Lived Life program are:

  • Acceptance of imperfections and mistakes as you engage in activities and pursue goals that give your life meaning and purpose,
  • Forgiveness toward yourself and others for imperfections and mistakes you make as you are moving forward fully engaged in the present moment,
  • Self-compassion, kindness, compassion, and care toward yourself and others in your world as you refine your many abilities.
  • A Commitment to intention and focused action, and courage even in the face of adversity, and,
  • Gratitude for all things, including the gifts of difficulties and experiences, as we strive to learn and grow.

MindView Domains

There are five MindView Domains, each with distinct responsibilities for creating wellness. For each of the MindViews we teach specific skills and tools that will help the individual to be more effective and successful. The skills that you learn in one mindview area, however, will be of benefit for the other MindView areas as well.

The diagram to the left represents some of the tools and exercises from each of the MindView domains that you will learn.

The wellness wheel diagram that you saw previously is a representation of how we address the overall person and the behaviors and tools that effectively improve interpersonal relationships and personal functioning on all levels. We help our readers to develop inner strengths and the inner wisdom that fosters and enhances the ability to make better and sounder judgments in their lives.


The Observer allows us to step back and observe internal and external experiences, then gather, integrate, and organize this information into behaviors that are consistent with our goals and values.

The Manager part of the brain directs our attention, organizes our working memory, and guides decisions. The skills taught in the Artfully Lived Life program teach you to better recognize and use the Manager function of your brain, and to make choices that enhance your psychological well-being. Thus, information comes in through the MindView Domains and the Observer-Manager evaluates, decides, and executes. All we need, then, are the skills.

Wellness Tool Kit

The Wellness Tool Kit is also available to our readers. The kit contains some of the ^Pause & Reflect^ activities that are found in the book. They are a Laminated full-size page so you can write on them and keep track as you make changes and progress in your well-being. Or, as your goals are accomplished and redone. They also serve as good reminders to help you stay on track with your goals.


I've read countless self-help books and found The Artfully Lived Life one of the best by far. Thinking of our subconscious as a committee guided by the Observer-Manager was a new way of processing behavior and emotions for me. The concept was clearly explained. Research was presented to support this perspective, and guided meditations were included to cement this visualization. Overall, I personally benefited from reading The Artfully Lived Life, and I believe others will as well…The authors did a wonderful job of compiling research, making it understandable, and providing ways for readers to apply life-changing principles in their own lives.

Kirkus Reviews

The book was beautiful, full of love and acceptance, offered with a writing style that is as soothing as it is gentle. It's a book that tugged at my heart, changed my views on what it means to be human and possibly to feel broken, and it made me rethink what I know of empathy… if I could recommend it to anyone it would be the world. It's a book that I believe transcends the boundaries of the audience, and speaks to the heart and soul as much as it does to the mind. It was a work of art and a gift, and I feel as if something changed somewhere deep inside me for having read it!

Masa RadanicBooks Go Social

“… it has been a wonderful experience to read…your book so far. Not only because it is a unique topic in the world of self-help books but also because it has been written with beautiful passion and vigor…Your book is easy to understand and follow. People today are in so much need of reading material that helps them get through the difficult stages of life. And your book serves that purpose perfectly!

Book Writing Experts

You…have distilled decades of experience into a well-organized, scientifically rigorous approach to self-improvement, understanding, and healing. … as someone with a medical degree but little background in clinical psychology, I appreciated the guided approach to discovery and increased personal awareness. The exercises are detailed and explained well. Having taken the time to complete many of the workbook exercises, questionnaires, and journaling… I do believe that The Artfully Lived Life is a valuable resource and hope that it finds its way into the hands of many who will benefit from this self-guided approach to wellness.

Jared ChristensenM.D., MBA Vice Chair and Professor of Radiology, Duke University

The exercises in this program (book) are thought-provoking and inspirational.

Wendy LehnertzLMFT

In The Artfully Lived Life Donna and Kim Rogers have created one of the most holistic approaches to wellness and self-worth that one can find. With patience, readers will find the tools needed to reflect on both self-understanding and their relationships with others. All of us should be taking more time (even though it feels daunting) to reflect and ponder our life's various paths, journeys and distractions. This book provides a needed and ultimately transformative guide as we do so, not so that we just "do" better things, but so that we "become" better people.

Ken RogersonPh.D., Duke University

This self-help book attempts to provide a clear path to understanding one’s values and behaviors…A guide to personal growth that’s full of research, activities, and concepts…

Kirkus Reviews